Riverside history walk

Parks & Recreational Spaces

Approximately 20% of Northshore Hamilton’s 304 hectare site has been allocated for green space, parks and public spaces, many of these areas enjoying prime positions along the river's edge.

Riverside Park

At the eastern end of Northshore Hamilton, the 2.5 hectare Riverside Park is a popular gathering place for local residents and visitors, in particular, young families. The lush park catches beautiful breezes off the river and is one of only a handful of parks in Brisbane where you can safely put your feet in the water at the shoreline – a huge hit with young children.

The Riverside Park features a children’s play area, ripple lawn, barbecue and picnic area, and a great open space perfect for informal cricket or football games.

The Riverside Park includes a public performance space, Northshore Harbour Cafe, and a History Walk commemorating the social, cultural and land use history of the area, from pre-European settlement to the present day.

Additional park and recreational space will become available as development of the precinct continues, including a central river edge park.

Old Shoreline Park – OPENING NOVEMBER

The brand new park has been developed as part of the Northshore Hamilton urban renewal project and is located at 351 Macarthur Avenue, along the area that was previously part of Hamilton’s natural shoreline.

Many of the early changes to the natural shoreline area were in the late 1800’s as a result of the decision to create major port facilities at Hamilton Reach.

The name for Old Shoreline Park was chosen to recognise this historical connection and reflect the Northshore Hamilton project commitment to acknowledge and celebrate the site’s maritime history.

The landscaped park provides a number of features including a park shelter, dog off-leash area, exercise equipment, pedestrian walkways and cycle links to Curtain Ave West.

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