Team Arrow

Northshore Creative Partnerships

Northshore’s masterplanner Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) has proudly partnered with local creative groups to utilise the space at Northshore for all things arts, creativity and culture. These partnerships have been formed to add energy and colour to Northshore through creative workshops, exhibitions and entertainment for the community.

HSBNE Inc (Hackerspace)

Hackerspace Brisbane

HSBNE Inc is Australia's first Hackerspace and is physically one of the biggest in the world. A Hackerspace is a subscription workshop where members pool their tools and talents to work on physical projects. HSBNE currently has an emphasis on electronics, mechatronics and robotics, but hackers of all persuasions are welcome!

HSBNE encourages people from all walks of life to come together to collaborate and build amazing things. They encourage innovation and small business as well as the ‘tinkerer’.

HSBNE has taken up residence at 217 Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton where they have a huge industrial area to spread out their tools and get creative. The space will undergo a slight facelift over the coming year and once ready for public access, will host Hackers classes and workshops.

Find out more about HSBNE Inc at

River City Men’s Shed

The River City Men’s Shed (Men’s Shed) has moved to Northshore. The primary aim of the Men’s Shed is to encourage an older generation of men to take an interest in their own health and wellbeing. The Men’s Shed provides an environment which is both safe and busy, where members can either learn new skills or pass on their own particular skills to others. Among the projects the Men’s Shed has undertaken, in the past 12 months, are the production of native bees boxes, possum boxes and bird boxes, as well as garden planter stands suitable for use by disabled and wheelchair bound people.

New members are welcome at any time.

217 Macarthur Ave, Hamilton | Ph: 0431 121 746

Team Arrow

Clenergy Team Arrow is Australia’s Premier Solar Car Team. This Queensland-based team has shown the world what can be done with homegrown expertise, true Queensland grit and local support.  The team includes highly skilled engineers, technicians, designers, mechanics and university students. They come from all walks of life, but share a passion for making things possible and creating the future. Team Arrow have competed in the 2013 and 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenges, as well as the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.

The new facilities at Northshore provide the perfect facilities for Team Arrow to design, build and test their new car which will compete in the 2017 World Solar Challenge and beyond.

Visit for more details.

Central Queensland Blokart Club - Brisbane Division


Central Queensland Blokart Club is one of many clubs around Australia sailing as part of the Australian Blokart Association. With members throughout Queensland, it is the largest Blokart Club in Australia.

Since its creation in New Zealand, blokart land-sailing has taken the world by storm and is now enjoyed by thousands throughout Australasia, Europe and the USA.

Reaching speeds usually reserved for vehicles powered by engines, using only the wind, blokarts are fast, fun and thrilling. Blokarting can be viewed and/or experienced with Bisbane Division Members most Sundays down at Northshore Hamilton, on the large concrete area next to the Northshore Riverside Park.

Find out more about blokarts at