Living at Northshore

Living at Northshore

As Northshore Hamilton continues to develop, it will become one of the jewels in Brisbane’s crown; a perfect blend of riverfront living complemented by sophisticated fine dining restaurants, casual bistros, superior entertainment facilities, and well-designed community spaces.

Whilst the superb river views and inner city location may be two of the first things that draw people to Northshore, the precinct offers so much more. Northshore will become a place that caters to all aspects of a full and healthy lifestyle, ensuring residents have all they need right at their doorstep.

Residents can travel to and from work via CityCat or better yet, work in one of the office parks within Northshore. Buzzing retail and dining precincts are the perfect meeting place to catch up with friends and cater to entertainment needs. Fitness centres feature throughout the precinct and will be accompanied by extensive walking and cycling connections as the precinct is further developed. With around 20% of the precinct being allocated for park and community space, there will be no shortage of recreational areas to enjoy, all by the riverfront.

Whether buyers are looking for somewhere to live or an investment property, Northshore has a wide range of living options. From 1 bedroom high-rise apartments to exclusive 4 bedroom terrace homes surrounded by lush greenery, facing the Brisbane River, there is something for everyone at Northshore.

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